Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dani Joy´s Nix the Fix- Day 1

This post isn´t for points, just a journal post to show ya´ll how to count your nix the fix points.

Today I ate:
Breakfast - 10 grain hot cereal (1pt)
                   20 almonds (1pt)
                    half handful raisins (1pt)
Snack - banana and sf peanut butter (1pt)

Lunch- whole wheat tortilla (1pt)
            chicken and cheese (1pt)
            cottage cheese and veggies (1pt)
Snack - (didn´t have one here)

Dinner - Green beans, and carrots (1pt)
              little strip beef roast & one baked chicken piece (1pt)
              2 TBS of mash potatoes (1pt)  we ate at someones home so there was so much to choose.

Desert-  Fruit salad (no sugar) (1pt) I hope- we asked and she said there wasn´t any sugar added.

Late snack- cheese and tea (1pt)

total =12 points

I didn´t even have one bit of the pumpkin pie, chocolate pie or apple pie they were passing around!

Then I came home at 10pm and had to still exercise. I tried the new exercise program on exercise tv. The burn and chisel. It´s a short dvd, but it´s about all I felt like I wanted to do tonight.  Now for a nice hot tea.

Let´s keep crunchin´it!

For God´s Glory,
Dani Joy



Rebecca said...

Thanks Dani Joy now I understand how Nix the Fix works. Sometimes I need a visual example to understand how something works. Have a great weekend,

Madridmom said...

So potatoes are allowed? I was thinking I would have to subtract points for a white potato. I had breakfast out today with friends and passed up the spanish tortilla because I thought I would lose points for the potato in it.

Dani Joy said...

Sorry, Alice, I should have been nore clear on that. Potatoes are high in carbs but a small potatoe can be ok as long as it's not fried.

Larry R. Carlisle said...

Wow, Dani, great job on passing up all those wonderful sounding pies! I'm not sure I would have been so strong!

Kathryn :-)