Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you Motivated? Let´s get some Motivation!

I thought it was time for one of my famous crazy workout videos.

Here I am working out today. I had exactly 40 minutes to do my No More Trouble Zones dvd, and I thought of you all! Wanted to workout with you. Hope you can get a kick out of it as well as be encouraged to keep on springing!

How are you coming on your water drinking too! I have been actually getting 3 liters in. It is fun to mark down every 16 oz I manage to get down. I didn´t realize I actually was drinking that much. Go on, mark em down, chug-a-lug a few! It really cleans you out. 

Remember, why we do this. It´s not for the outer but the inner. It´s for Jesus, our families, our health and for our over all best! 

"God has not given us the spirit of fear but of POWER, and of LOVE, and of a sound mind! " 2 Tim. 1:7

I love you in Him,

Dani Joy


Charlie said...

I love the video. It's funny how you said the lunges are your favorite. I don't like them. I prefer the superman's anyday to lunges. I'm always so glad when they are done. LOL!!! I guess it's because it's tough on my knees.

You look great!!!! So nice to see you again.

5kjenni said...

Wohoo! I did the No More Trouble Zones video today...what a workout. My area of weakness is my tummy (from pregnancy!) area of strength is my legs (from running so much :) LOL! Thanks for posting and sharing. I've lost track of points again but I keep a workout for me!

Siberia said...

Great job, Dani Joy! My girls liked your weights. Ours are plastic coated and not so fancy looking. I don't really like those lunges, but I know I need them. How else am I going to get rid of my excess hips and thighs???


Dani Joy said...

Funny, Charlie how we like exact oposite parts of the dvd but that we both love that dvd. ;)

Thanks for the encouragement, Charlie!

Jennifer, that´s great you are keeping a journal. I am sure that helps so much. Keep on springing! I know you will do great!

Thanks ya´ll for writing me. I needed a bit of a boost too.

I don´t like squats too much but those ones ones are moving and cardio, so for me they are fun.

Oh i have the rubber weights too. These ones are my hubby´s. Mine are at my friends house.

HOpe ya´ll well stay encouraged!

Dani Joy

You Have A Purpose said...

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO !!! You are truly an amazing humble woman of God !!! I would have been sooooo embarrased to be working out with the possibility of oodles of people seeing me ... You can tell this wasn't staged ... it was exactly what it was .. your workout. BLESS YOU DANI JOY FOR BEING REAL !!!

Dani Joy said...

Oh your welome. Pealad The Lord. But you did't sign your ñame.

You Have A Purpose said...

"You Have A Purpose" = Diane S.A. (in California)