Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hi there!

This week I have been working out using Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism video. I like it because it is aerobic and longer than the 30 Day Shred ones. I add some wight training exercise at the end, or some abs. It is good for days when you cannot or don't feel like going outside to run.

This morning I took some nice time to read through some posts. It is good to know how others are doing and encourage one another. I have not measure, and my weight has not changed, so I may post measurements next week.

Thanks Danielle for the water points! I needed something to get a couple of points a day ;) I love water.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



Charlie said...

Have you tried the No More Trouble Zones? It good too.

Maribel said...

Yes, I do that one too, but it's much more about weight training. I am getting my allergy shots these days and I'm supposed to go easy on my arms. The other day I did No more TZ the day after the shot, and my arm has been hurting a lot (more than normal). It's taken me a week to be comfortable again putting any weight on it. I will get back to it this week.

Hey, I love your pictures! Very motivating!

Have a nice day!

Charlie said...

Thanks. You are right the No More TZ is very hard on the arms....and the legs.....and the abdomen :0). My arms just scream by the end of it. I hope the allergy shots work. I have terrible allergies, but I'm too chicken to get the shots. I have a phobia of needles. :)

Maribel said...

Yeah, I hope they work too. I don't like needles either, or the discomfort afterwards. . . and they are pricy, even with insurance discounts. I am giving them a try this year. I'll let you know. I looked into those noodles you talked about. See if I can try them sometime.

Charlie said...

Did you find the noodles?

Dani Joy said...

I don´t like the Metabolism boost as much but I do it when I can´t get to anything else in or need a boost! ;)
It sure is a tough dvd!

You motivate me!

Dani Joy