Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movement is KEY!

We have talked about these videos on the blog. We have posted the link to Real age. com. but, I wanted to give it to you even easier. You can do these right in your living room or wherever you have your computer. Take 14 min. to do a mile or do 2 miles in a half an hour. Add some crunchies at the end and some more stretching and there is your 40 minutes. Ladies, even with a headache or feeling pmsy you can do this! 

Movement is key! 

Click HERE to go to the videos

Dani Joy -
springing somewhat, even with a detox headache! 


Madridmom said...

I clicked on the link and it took me to the workout videos but then I needed to search a little to find Leslie Sansone's workout in the list. Here are the direct links to her two walking workouts for anyone that wants to go directly to her video. http://bcove.me/jb8eabk0 (this is the first one) orhttp://bcove.me/r4lj2cor (this is the more advanced one). I don't know if these will come through as clickable links in the comments but if not, just copy and paste into your browser. Once you know the basic moves that she uses, you can create your own "workout" and do it while you are watching something else on tv. That's what I have been doing when the weather is bad or I just want to get some extra movement in. Of course, I am not quite as demanding of myself as she is, so I think it would be good for me to workout with her video periodically to make sure I keep pushing myself.

Vicki King said...

Actually, you can get her videos on www.exercisetv.tv, too. I do the 30 minute one, twice, back to back to get in an hour of exercise. I also jog in place between the extra moves to keep my heart rate up a little more. I do this 2 times a week for variety between other kinds of excercises.

Dani Joy said...

Great, ladies! thanks for the extra links!

Dani Joy