Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nix the fix journal

Well, I didn't think that the nix the fix week would be too hard - we typically don't eat dessert or white bread and pasta. But it is when you having to keep track of every little bit that you begin to realize how quickly those things (especially white sugar) begin to sneak into your eating. Only one day did I actually get all 10 bonus points, all the rest of the days I had one meal that was a no-no. That was pretty good actually considering we had company half the week, and so some of my bigger size meals used white noodles in them. However, I have been changing more and more of my recipes over to whole wheat noodels and grain bread. I made a blueberry breakfast casserole on Tuesday morning, and substituted the whole wheat bread. It was delicious - I would not go back to using white bread. I saw only 1/2 lb weight loss, but actually was very happy with that as I have been having a hard time losing any at all. Hopefully last week helped us all to look more closely at what we put into our mouths and make some better choices!


Donna said...

Seriously, Vicky, do you really need to lose weight? I didn't even read the "challenge" until the week was almost over, so I didn't really do but a couple of was hard! I'm not sure I'm quite THAT committed yet! haha! Impressed that you could do it with company!

Vicki King said...

No,Donna, I don't really NEED to lose to the weight - it is more I just want to. I am at the very top of the ideal weight range for my height, and would just like to get down more towards the middle of ideal (whatever that is!). I think the reason I am not really losing weight is that 1)I am not really cutting out enough to see the number on the scale go down; I am just allowing my excercising to let me eat a little more without gaining :) 2)I have worked more this time on some weight training and overall toning, so hopefully I have gained some more muscle which weighs more.