Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grand Slam Week Journal #1

My husband and I were watching Dr. Oz the other day and he had the nutritionist from the show The Biggest Loser on. He had some tips for healthy eating, especially if your goal is weight loss. He used the nuemonic device of 3 F's.
1. FIBER. Do your best to eat foods rich in fiber as they take longer for the body to digest. He showed some kind of muffin and named a fiber-rich substance that was in it that I had never heard of. My take on this: Shoot for whole wheat over white breads, whole fruits and veggies (vs. juices), etc.

2. FRONTLOAD THE CARBS. Try to eat the majority of your daily allotment of carbohydrates earlier in the day. My take on this: Have the muffins, bread, cereal, etc. for breakfast and lunch instead of later in the day.

3. FILL UP ON SOUPS & SALADS. The last suggestion he had was to eat a bowl of soup or salad as a "first course" at dinnertime and let that start to fill you up before you start on the entree and you will be more apt to eat less of the main course (which is normally where your higher calories & fats/carbs might be lurking).

My weight was down again this morning .... yippee! (134.8) I am faithfully keeping track of everything that I eat on My Plate and I have been very good to not allow myself to go over the calories that I am allowed for the day. I will admit to jogging in place for a half an hour while watching TV just to earn a few more calories when I used too many up for lunch and the salad alone isn't quite enough....
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