Thursday, March 31, 2011


I did OK during the Nix the Fix week. We cannot get whole wheat flour anywhere, but I did the best that I could. When I ate bread it was 8 grain bread. The hardest part for me was the no sugar, because we can't get sugar substitutes anywhere. So I was unable to have the small glass of fruit juice that I drink every morning. I also enjoy yogurt or yogurt drinks for snacks, and wasn't able to have any of that either. I ate raisins instead, and drank milk for breakfast. I put honey in my tea when I drank it. I usually drink very little besides water, but I got a cold late last week, and besides my usual water, I really wanted something to soothe my throat, so I drank much more tea than I usually do. I usually drink one cup a day, max, but I was drinking 3-4 a day (sweetened with honey) to help my throat feel better. I drink only herbal teas, because I am not supposed to have caffeine.

I was able to get in the water every day. I always drink lots of water every day, anyway.

For exercise, I moved up to the Level 3 of the Shred on Monday. I really didn't feel like doing anything harder, because I was already feeling achy from my cold, but it has been going OK. Yesterday and today I was able to get in 40 minutes. I did the extra minutes on my elliptical. Yesterday I did the elliptical after the workout, and today I did it before. I think it actually helped me do better on the Shred. My legs were more warmed up, and the leg exercises didn't seem as strenuous as usual.

Other than that, we are finally seeing a bit of spring in Siberia. We were up to almost 60 on Monday, and a majority of our snow has melted. On Saturday my exercise was actually cleaning up the yard from all that has accumulated and is visible now that the snow is melting. The kids are sad that we won't be doing any more ice skating this season.

I did measure and weigh again this morning. I am still the same on the scale, and the only measurement that has changed is -1/2 inch in my bust. That is not where I need to lose, since it is a very small measurement anyway to start with. My hips and thighs that I'm trying to work on are staying the same. :-(

I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts! Keep up the hard work everyone!

A friend of mine who is really into fitness posted this on FB today: Results aren't guaranteed, results are earned. That is something to keep in mind as we exercise!

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