Monday, March 7, 2011

Not a good week

This has not been a good week so far. Yes, I have been good and stuck to my no-desserts rule, but other than that things have kind of fallen to pieces.

It started with me not feeling well on Tuesday afternoon. I thought it was just general soreness from standing all morning working on something for one of our neighbors. But as evening came and it wasn't just my legs that were achy but my lower back, my shoulders, and my neck, I knew it was something more. I took some Advil and felt fine the next day... until the evening. And then when I was sleeping Wednesday night I felt achy and feverish all night long. So no exercise for me Thursday or Friday. :-(

Friday we already had plans to go on a mini-vacation to a nice hotel here on our island. We went with two other families who live here in Wamena, and although I was not feeling 100%, I still had a good time and am glad that I was not sick enough to have to cancel the trip.

Of course, with breakfast buffets and tasty food that I don't often get to eat, it was not the most successful diet-wise. I didn't indulge in desserts, but I did eat a bit more than I normally would at home for those 2 days.

Back home on Monday early afternoon with a bunch of work to do, so no time or energy to exercise on Monday either.

Today (Tuesday) I hope to get at least 20 min of exercise in and not over-exert myself since I am still not feeling quite up to par. So I don't know what this week's weigh-in will hold for me. I just hope that those 2 pounds lost last week will not re-appear!


Dani Joy said...

Oh I am so sorry you got sick.

I know the feeling of getting off track. I feel that way myself this weekend.

We need to pray from some extra strength and some extra springing!

I will be praying for you Sarah. Let´s keep at this.

Dani JOy

Charlie said...

I'm sorry that last week was not a good week, with sickness and all. Tomorrow is a new day. You can do it.


junglewife said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your words of encouragement! Sometimes I get discouraged coming on here, seeing so many people with more points than me. I am afraid to step on the scale tomorrow morning, afraid that those couple pounds that I lost will have crept back on. I am still coughing but was able to get 20 minutes of fast walking with my friend today. I hope to make it 40 minutes walk/run tomorrow! I just can't do the longer workouts that so many of you are able to do... discouraging! Thank you for your encouraging words, though!