Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Slim Without the Gym

This is way beyond my reach at this point, but when I read it, it seemed to be similar to what many of you 'in shape' ladies might be interested in...just an idea to maybe help you change things up a bit.

By Harley Pasternak, creator of the 5-Factor fitness: a plan of alternating simple strength moves and bursts of intense cardio with no rest periods -- tones you from head to toe in just 25 minutes.
Step 1: Cardio
Take your pick: Jog, climb stairs, skip rope, or do jumping jacks for 5 minutes to get your heart pumping.
Step 2: Strength Circuit: Alternating Lunge
Step 2: Strength Circuit: Shoulder Press
Step 2: Strength Circuit: Double Crunch
Step 3: Strength Circuit: Side Bend
Step 3: Strength Circuit: Dumbbell Row
Step 3: Strength Circuit: Dumbbell Dead Lift
Step 4: Cardio
Finish with 5 minutes of cardio (or do up to 30 minutes to burn even more calories).
The source where I found it is listed at the end of this post. The original article has pictures and complete explications. Some of you ladies are shaping up nicely! CONGRATS!!
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