Monday, March 7, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend! Enters Ketty! Dani´s 6th Journal

Hey Ladies,

Sounds like I wasn´t the only one who had a little whirlwind this weekend.

It seems I was able to eat farely healthy, but just a little too much at times. Sunday was definitely my free day as we were treated to some wonderful pastries from our favorite pastry store.

We had Ketty and her family over for the weekend.

It was a holiday here in Spain. Carnaval. Kind of like Marti Gra, which we don´t participate in, just take the long weekend. Ketty has four really awesome kids. She and her husband shared them with our boys.

My Michael with Ketty´s Mike. They are the same age.

They had a great time playing all kinds of games! We talked, and laughed a lot.  We also got to talk over a lot of our ideas for our new outreach ministry.

Raquel, Michael and Ketty, Elizabeth Esther

Ketty and I got to do the shred on Friday night together and walk all over Gijón. We had wanted to do more exercise but with a house full it made it difficult. At least we did do a lot of walking.

Well, it´s back to the grind. We will be finishing up week three and heading into week 4 soon. I think we are ready for some bonus points. I will disclose them tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Springing with ya
Dani Joy
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