Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh in Week 6

Lost at least 1/2 pound, thought it would be more, but it seemed that I didn't...oh well, maybe tomorrow it will be more!  Lost 1/2 an inch too.  Nix the Fix was tough!  I had a ladies retreat---which I made it through...didn't have the sweets!!  Oh my that was hard!   I did splurge on a date night and twice for coffee creamer...lost some points overall, but it was sure a challenge!  I 've been exercising but not like I want to.  It seems I am running out of time by the end of the day to do my Jillian while MIL is sleeping, so I have walked a lot instead---and fast!
  I did track my water for the first time today in a long time!  Got more than my 2 liters in--so excited about the grand slam options.  This is fun!  Thanks ladies for the opportunity of accountability!


Charlie said...

Great job on being creative with your workout.

I'm excited about the Grand Slam week too.

Dani Joy said...

This was actually for week 6. :) we are in week 7 Now.

The Herd said...

Thanks...I always I put the new week or old...changed the title.