Saturday, April 30, 2011

My final spring journal

Here is a picture of Trevor and I on Easter Sunday. So that will be my final picture. Although I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight. I gained alot more muscle and strength, which probably has accounted for why the scale wasn't showing alot of change. I get compliments from people that know me and they all have noticed a big difference. These are all the pros.

Now for the cons, my wardrobe has shrunk because I need new clothes to properly fit into them. I'm beginning to look like a rag bag. hahaha!!!

With the Lord's help we will all be able to maintain this lifestlye.

Thank you everyone for motiviating me all the way.



Dani Joy said...

Wow Charlie, I can see so much differance in your face. You should put a full body, before and after post. ;) maybe after this one. I need to do another one too. jeje.

I saw you were helping still with the tickers. Would you still want to do that? if not it´s ok. I know you are getting really busy. Thanks for all your help!

Great Springing and doing your best for the Lord!

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

I know I should get a full body picture. I'll try to have Trevor take one soon.

Yes, I can still help. Some days, I may lag behind, but I will try to stay on top of it.

Today, was a busy day, but I got an hour workout in anyways. I am so happy about that. I had to put off posting though till tonight, but got it done.

Since it's so hot right now, especially during the times I have the time to walk, I've decided to try to do NMTZ more. At least until I can find the time to walk again.