Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exclusive Summer Challenge

Sweatin Off the Fat Exclusive
Summer Challenge

Only those who are signed up already on our blog and have tickers may participate in this exclusive Summer Challenge -  SOFII

We will start Wednesday May 4 - July 27!

12 weeks! 

Are we ready???

If you have already posted about yourself, you don´t need to do a testimony post. Just a measurement post with our beginning measurements. If they are the same as last post than just re-post them for your SOFII first post.

All points are the same as in the Spring Challenge.

20 exercise minutes = 1 point
1 lb = 5 points
1 Kilo = 10 points
1 inch = 2 points
1cm = 1point
2 liters/quarts of water = 2 points
1post = 1point ( 4 posts possible per week: 2 journals and 2 tips - diet, fitness, humor, video, or inspirational)

Here is my idea for prizes. We can do it or not.

Everyone sends me $1 by Pay Pal . This goes into an account. Then we divide it by 3 for the three winners. What do you think? We can vote on it. Or Those who want to help out with the prizes may, or we can also just vote not to have prizes.

My paypal account is

If at least 30 want to participate, that would make it $10 for each winner. I think this would even motivate us all a little more.

These are just ideas I have had or that some have given me. I would like to try them at one point.

Please respond with a comment if you will be participating or with any ideas you may have.
I will also send this out tonight by e mail.

I need this too!

Startin to Sweat already,
Dani Joy

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