Monday, May 2, 2011

Beginning measurements--Journal 1


We're starting a new challenge! Aren't we dedicated? I am excited! I've already started with a light supper and some exercise. I will be doing the 30-Day Shred again. My sister is getting married, my anniversary is coming up next week, and I'm getting company all summer long. But my plan of attack is to feed everybody healthy meals, and my unattained goal is to watch people eat without "participating" and not eating while I prepare the food. Those two are tough ones for me.

I measured in inches, so it looks totally new to me. I did have to weigh myself in kilos, so I calculated the pounds with the computer. Here they are!

Weight: 57---125.6 lbs

Bust: 36.5

Chest: 31

Waist: 29

Hips: 38

Right Thigh: 21

Left Thigh: 20.75

Right Arm: 10.5

Left Arm: 10.25

I won't post a picture of me, since my friend Dani Joy posted two. I could post a video of me trying to mount a donkey, but I'll save it for another occasion.

Have a great time sweating off the fat!


Elena y Rosa, si queréis traducción, pedidla. Si no, pues así practicáis. Besos.

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