Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dani´s Sweatin Journal - 1

Hi again, Ladies,

I am so excited about this challenge. I think because I need to get the batteries going again and get down to business.

Here are pictures that were just taken last week.
I love to play sports. This is my favorite way to exercise! Here I am playing football with my hubby.

I went running today, I think I ran about 2 miles and walked a half a mile.  Then I did 40 sit ups and 20 pushups and stretching.
This is my backside. I would like to see it get more toned. he
My measurements changed after my second son´s birthday April 9. I noticed a slow slide downward or outward. jeje So here are my measurements now. I have gained an inch again in my waist. uhhgg. I can´t believe how fast that happens.

Height - 5´3" ( that´s not gonna change)
Weight- 127 lbs  goal 120 (some day just because I want to say I got there. My body´s defult setting I think is 125)
Bust - 32" (this better not change jeje)
Chest - 29"
Waist - 30" ( I measured around my belly button too... it´s 34"!!)
Hips - 37"
R. Thigh- 22"
L. Thigh - 22"

Thanks for joining in and encouraging each other. I really think this blog is growing for God´s Glory. It really is a blessing!

Sweatin with ya for Jesus,
Dani Joy


Charlie said...

Looks like you were having fun. You are looking great too.

I think my scale is stuck between 141 lbs and 143.5 lbs. for me. I need to remind it that it can go below 141 anyday now. LOL!!!!

I'm sure my lack of sleep is affecting my weight. I think my brain's "off" button is broke. LOL!!!

Okay, enough excuses, let's just sweat it off.

In Christ,

junglewife said...

You are looking great, Dani Joy! It is SO interesting to me how people with similar height and weight can have very different body proportions. Also how people with different weight/height can have similar measurements in certain areas. I weigh almost 75 pounds more than you do (of course I am taller, too, but that doesn't mean I don't need to lose weight!) but my waist measurement is almost the same as yours!

It is great that you love to play sports. Me? not so much. The only sports I got in high school was that I forced myself to join the track team (while overseas) and the cross-country team (while on furlough). I never was any good at sports at all, but being part of a team really helped me to get that exercise. I don't know what I am going to do this summer when my exercise buddy goes on a two-month furlough in just a couple of weeks! I think I will have to be extra-diligent about being motivated since I won't have her to be there and exercise with me!

Dani Joy said...

Charlie, I totally know what you mean about the off button. lol. You know what has helped me at night? ( sometimes) A soothing cup of mint tea I think it had some other herb too. I notice I am considerably more sleepy afterward.

Yes, Let´s sweat together!

Sweatin with ya,
Dani Joy

rosa said...

Muy bien Daniela ,yo se lo dire a Lily C. se pondra muy contenta .
Felicidades por el local !!!!
un abrazo y a seguir sudando :)