Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dani´s Sweatin Journal - 1

Hi again, Ladies,

I am so excited about this challenge. I think because I need to get the batteries going again and get down to business.

Here are pictures that were just taken last week.
I love to play sports. This is my favorite way to exercise! Here I am playing football with my hubby.

I went running today, I think I ran about 2 miles and walked a half a mile.  Then I did 40 sit ups and 20 pushups and stretching.
This is my backside. I would like to see it get more toned. he
My measurements changed after my second son´s birthday April 9. I noticed a slow slide downward or outward. jeje So here are my measurements now. I have gained an inch again in my waist. uhhgg. I can´t believe how fast that happens.

Height - 5´3" ( that´s not gonna change)
Weight- 127 lbs  goal 120 (some day just because I want to say I got there. My body´s defult setting I think is 125)
Bust - 32" (this better not change jeje)
Chest - 29"
Waist - 30" ( I measured around my belly button too... it´s 34"!!)
Hips - 37"
R. Thigh- 22"
L. Thigh - 22"

Thanks for joining in and encouraging each other. I really think this blog is growing for God´s Glory. It really is a blessing!

Sweatin with ya for Jesus,
Dani Joy
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