Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exclusive Summer Challenge

Sweatin Off the Fat Exclusive
Summer Challenge

Only those who are signed up already on our blog and have tickers may participate in this exclusive Summer Challenge -  SOFII

We will start Wednesday May 4 - July 27!

12 weeks! 

Are we ready???

If you have already posted about yourself, you don´t need to do a testimony post. Just a measurement post with our beginning measurements. If they are the same as last post than just re-post them for your SOFII first post.

All points are the same as in the Spring Challenge.

20 exercise minutes = 1 point
1 lb = 5 points
1 Kilo = 10 points
1 inch = 2 points
1cm = 1point
2 liters/quarts of water = 2 points
1post = 1point ( 4 posts possible per week: 2 journals and 2 tips - diet, fitness, humor, video, or inspirational)

Here is my idea for prizes. We can do it or not.

Everyone sends me $1 by Pay Pal . This goes into an account. Then we divide it by 3 for the three winners. What do you think? We can vote on it. Or Those who want to help out with the prizes may, or we can also just vote not to have prizes.

My paypal account is

If at least 30 want to participate, that would make it $10 for each winner. I think this would even motivate us all a little more.

These are just ideas I have had or that some have given me. I would like to try them at one point.

Please respond with a comment if you will be participating or with any ideas you may have.
I will also send this out tonight by e mail.

I need this too!

Startin to Sweat already,
Dani Joy


Charlie said...

I'm game for the $1.00. Sounds like fun!


junglewife said...

I'm in! I think I need to be, lol :-) I'd be willing to contribute a dollar or even two :-)

Dani Joy said...

Awesome girls. I need to get this out to everyone. It's too late today though. Jeje

Vicki King said...

I am definately in for the summer, and I also think contributing $1 is a good idea. I could do that too.

rosa said...

Muy bien Daniela !!!! otro reto perfecto :)
un abrazo.

Mª Elena Sanchez said...

A mi me parece muy bien.

Dani Joy said...

Muy bien, Chicas! Tienes Pay Pal?

Dani Joy

Cindy B. said...

I'm in! I will be in Germany on July 27 so I may end and post a week early as I won't have a scale, and not sure I will have internet where I will be. However, I would like to volunteer the whole $30 prize if that is okay with everyone. The only other thing I'd like to see in this challenge is points for drinking water, not just as a bonus. It helps me to be consistent. Thanks, Dani, for keeping this going! -- Cindy

Madridmom said...
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Madridmom said...

I'm in! Wouldn't you know this in between week won't count and I have already lost a pound from Wednesday's weigh in (I am sick right now). However I would rather keep that pound off than earn points for "re-losing" it so I hope that I don't go back up before my starting weight on Wednesday.
Don't know how much I will be able to contribute once June 28th comes (the date I head to the states for furlough) but I love the community here and the positive encouragement from you ladies.

Dani Joy said...

@ Cindy, I added the water points as a permanant setting. ;) I like that motivation too.


I know a lot of us may have to travel this summer, so I will put a special announcement about traveling. I think we can have those who travel write their journals on paper or keep track then when you can post it all, you can get points for the days you write about. ( up to four) Something like that.

@ Alice, That´s great you lost a lb! you are definately on a role! We have to keep this weight off. Can´t let it come back. I have been feeling lathargic lately and I know it´s the sugar I have been allowing.

Dani Joy

The Herd said...

I'm in...should be fun! I'm down 1 pound also from Wednesday...actually saw a number I haven't see in a long time the yesterday!! woohoo...I'll send the $1, but I might do it later today...gotta run an errand right now.

Mª Elena Sanchez said...

Te escrito un correo lo has leido?

Charlie said...

When do we send the $1.00?

5kjenni said...

I'm in and the $1.00 idea is great!

Dani Joy said...

You all can deposit the $ anytime before the end of the three months. No rush. I will just send a reminder. I will keep a list of those who participate. thanks for wanting to do that. I think that´s awesome. God will provide. ;)

I will send out an e mail stating the overall ruling.

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

@ Elena
No todavia. Mirare.


Dani Joy said...

Elena, no me llego el correo.

Anita said...

Dani i just told Alice last Tuesday that since I dropped out of the Spring challenge the last weeks, I was going to do my own challenge all by myself for the next several summer weeks...pretend I was still participating and read the posts I missed etc. to help encourage me...this will be even better!

Mª Elena Sanchez said...

Te he vuelto a mandar el correo. No tengo pay pal y Rosa tampoco. Pero si quieres te puedo hacer una transferencia a la cuenta que me digas pot las dos, no me cobran nada.

Kristina said...

I'm in Dani. ;)

Siberia said...

My girls and I will sign up. I need to keep moving. We took the last couple of weeks off at the end of the last challenge. I'm not sure how much "formal" exercise I'll get in, as summer is so busy for me with all my garden work.

Tami (and Ashley and Melissa)