Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swept aweigh in(pun intended)...after 3rd week of SOF2

Measurements...down 1/4 of an inch, but weight was up 0.4lb.  I know my weekend was not great for eating sweets...hence the lack of change in the right direction.  I will keep pluggin along.
My mother in law is building a house to sell across the street from her , so I've been getting my workouts there by sweeping vigorously!  Lots of dust!  I like to work and see results(in other words---clean floor)...much more fun than a video.  I think that maybe the results on my body are different, but I like it much better!

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Dani Joy said...

Ooo.. keep at it! cleaning isn´t really strenuous enough on it´s own. ;)
We must burn more than we consume to create a deficit of calories inorder to lose weight.

Sweatin with you,
Dani Joy