Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sarah D Journal

Well, I have not yet seen the results that Dani Joy has on this no-sugar week! I have not seen much change in my weight yet since the beginning of this challenge :-( But, I am still hanging in there! It has been a challenge for sure - there are definitely things I would have eaten had this not been a no-sugar week.

We had a "Fall Festival" at the school on Friday (my kids are not school-age yet but they were invited to attend) and afterwards everyone had pie. I even made a pie and didn't have any! I was thinking about if it was worth it to subtract points, but honestly nothing tempted me, so I didn't have any! I think that is one of the good things about doing a complete sugar deprivation like this every once in a while - it really forces you to think about WHY you are eating certain things. I am sure that if I had not been on no-sugar week, I would have had a piece of pie. But, did I really want any of those pies? Not really!

Also yesterday my husband asked me to make Jello popcorn balls for Halloween. I made them, but I didn't eat any! If it would have been a "normal" day I am sure I would have had at least one. But honestly, I didn't really even have the desire to eat one!

so I think that even after this week is over, I just need to keep that mindset and really evaluate WHY I am eating something. Is it just because it is available? Or is it because I really want it and will enjoy it? Just something to keep in mind!

I found liquid malitol here (under the brand name "Tropicana Slim"!) so I used a spoonful of that in my coffee yesterday and if I make an iced coffee today I will use that as well. I also used honey on my oatmeal, so hopefully those count as non-sugar sweeteners.

As far as the exercise goes, I have found that even though earlier this summer I was exercising 60 minutes a day, now 40 minutes is about my limit. I am homeschooling my daughter kindergarten (the small International school here only starts at 1st grade) so with that going on as well, I can't really devote the extra time to exercise. But I am trying hard to make that 40 minutes count!

Keep up the good work, ladies!


KathyH said...

It is disheartening when the scales don't move, especially when you're trying so hard.

Keep it up and I'm sure this plateau will end in a big loss soon.

junglewife said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kathy!

Dani Joy said...

Awsome post!! love the thought process you went through. Going to put it in the tips! thanks!

Dani Joy