Friday, November 25, 2011

Sarah W's Journal #6

Happy Friday everyone! I've been out of pocket due to the holiday but we're also finishing up one of our internship programs so it's always busy with debriefing and getting them back home. As a result it's been pretty busy!

We've had some pretty bad water issues here really for the past two months. It's off more times than it is on. We were told today that a pump that pumps the water to our area is broken......that means that we don't know when it will be fixed. I could be awhile......bummer. So I've not done any heavy duty exercise because often I don't get to shower afterwards. Then on Monday I stepped down off a step wrong and rolled my ankle! Ouch! Praise the Lord it didn't injure it badly, but it's sore so I am taking it easy on it. All that to say this Christmas Challenge is turning into a challenge! :) ha! I've decided to drop the points and just continue on with the challenge without that for now. To me it's not about's just about changing habits so Dani Joy if you don't see my ticker move....that's why, but I am still participating!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know for me it's hard to be far away during this time. We had a wonderful meal with all the American trimmings......just a bit more creative. Thankful for care packages!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


junglewife said...

It's okay! We all run into roadblocks at times. Just don't give up on this journey! You can still keep track of points if you like, at least keep drinking your water every day for 2 points! It might help keep you motivated... I know that it helps me to remember if I know I will record the points at the end of the day!
Keep the good work. I know that even though you are not able to do as much as you would like right now, you are still on the right track. Blessings!

Dani Joy said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your ankle.
I am with Sarah. You can keep points anyway. and maybe get back to walking when you can. don´t stop altogether. movement is healing and liveliness. Our physical theripist told Joseph to walk and use his foot when he sprained his Ankle not to make it imobile.

I am sorry I didn´t see this right away. Hope your ankle gets feeling better soon.


Dani Joy

Sarah W. said...

Thanks Ladies! It is feeling better this week. I've not done any major exercise though so I have not counted points. I think I will start up with Jillian again in the next day or two. I was really lucky that I didn't injure it badly. I have gotten my water in though so I've been tracking those points! :) That's an easy one for me though as that's a habit that I just do.:) I am afraid to measure this week though.....worried I might have stalled all the progress i was making! :) Yipes!