Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sarah D journal

Just a quick journal update. My cold would just not go away last week. I was feeling run-down all week, so I did not exercise at all. I kept up with the Nix the Fix through the end of that week 6, but have not gotten any of the bonus points yet for week 7. It has been a LONG time since I have gone a whole week without exercising! But today is a new week, a new day, and I am going to ease back into it so I don't get too worn down. It is amazing how long it can take your body to get over a simple cold! I know from experience that if I try and exercise while I am still feeling run-down, it will take me even longer to get well. So I think I have waited long enough and will try to do some walk/running today instead of jumping back into the 30 day shred :-)

I was down another pound when I weighed on Wednesday which takes me to 3 pounds so far this challenge. It seems like a pretty small number but I am glad that I have seen the scale move at least a little bit in the right direction!

I definitely indulged on Saturday when we celebrated our Thanksgiving dinner with friends. But, I don't feel like I over-indulged, which is good! After dinner I had a small piece of pecan pie, and after a week of no sugar on Nix the Fix I felt like I had a sugar rush! Woo! I have tried to pass off my leftover pie on friends and neighbors so it is not a temptation for me in the fridge, but I did have a piece of apple pie for breakfast on Sunday :-) Back to the ol' grind today!

Let's keep up the good work, ladies! You can do it!
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