Monday, November 28, 2011

Tip From my Favorite Trainer

Eating Until You're Full, Not Stuffed

Here's the deal: Food can be a good thing when consumed in the right quantity and of the right quality. Food is your fuel and should be your medicine. When you eat healthy, fresh, whole foods until you're full, you will find that your calories tend to fall within a perfect range. If you're a woman, your caloric needs tend to fall within the 1,200 to 1,800 bracket. (The range in calorie allowance has to do with age, size, and activity level.) If you're a man, you're looking at anywhere from 1,800 to 3,000. Using these numbers as a guideline, if you've been eating too little and falling short, it's time to step it up. If you've been overdoing it, it's time to cut back. Nutrient-dense, high-fiber/high-water-content foods will help you fill up without any fear of overdoing your calorie allowance. You'll feel full faster and stay full longer. When you give your body the food it recognizes, it easily absorbs the critical nutrients needed for optimal health and metabolic function.
Focus on spreading out your calories evenly over the course of the day by eating every 4 hours — 3 meals and one snack. Here's another great tip: Using salad plates instead of dinner plates can fool your mind. You'll feel more satisfied with less food, and once you finish, you'll be less likely to make a conscious decision to fill up that plate again.
Remember, after all is said and done, your calorie intake, along with exercise, is a proven component in the weight-loss and weight-maintenance equation. Know your range and stick close to it.

The Big Balance

You know my mantra: Calories in, calories out. Do you think I preach this for my health? Well, actually, yeah I do! But there's something more than weight loss going on in this equation: It's balance. It applies to everything from hormones and nutrition to relationships and careers. Make sure that you strive to keep a healthy balance in your life. Work hard to be who you want to be, take care of yourself, do the things that matter, and everything's likely to fall in place. Calories in, calories out. Breathe positive energy in, breathe negative energy out. Take love in, give love out. Ebb and flow.

Obviously, I don´t agree with, Jill 100% on her life philosophy. Discipline and balance are important so we can live our best for Jesus, not just for so called Ebb and flow.

Keep crunching ladies.

Dani Joy
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