Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 9 and 10

Yesterday I made a record of 2 days in a row with 5 points, amazing! Today, Friday, I didn't do very good as I have been studying all day and getting the last details done for our ladies Bible study tomorrow. I wasn't able to exercise today and I ate some membrillo without even thinking it had sugar in it. I was trying the sandwiches I am going to put together for our Brunch tomorrow morning. Oh well, I lost that point too.

Day 9
1pt post
1 pt water
1 pt no sugar
1 pt exercise
1 pt veggie plate
Total 5 pts

Day 10
1pt water
1 pt veggie plate
Total 2 pts
Total to date=34.5 pts

Pray for me tomorrow with my study that the Lord will give me the words to say,

Sharla G.


Anita said...

Great job Sharla...praying for you and the Ladies Bible Study. Give me a call when you can.

Annie said...

That is great Sharla! Keep up the good job. May the Lord continue to bless you!

Annie L