Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 9

Hello Everyone!

Today went better for me since the children finished the licorice and chips. I woke up early and exercised on the trampoline for an hour before sunrise. I drank my quart of water with lime juice to cleanse my liver. I had a whole grapefruit for breakfast and made oatmeal for the children. I drank hot herbal tea and another quart of water and for lunch I had eggs with salsa again. For dinner I had a nice broccoli, onion and potato soup my daughter made for me. I cleaned out 2 honey jars and didn't even lick my fingers. I am hoping that God has delivered me from my obsession with sweets. We have 2 birthday's at the beginning of February so that will be the real test.

1 pt journal
1 pt exercise
1 pt fruit and veggies
1 pt water
1 pt no sugar

47 points total

Annie L
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