Friday, January 6, 2012

Journal 2 & 3

I missed yesterday since I wanted to journal at night. I had a head ache and a cold comming on. I ate well yesterday and today and exercised each day. I praise God that I don't have a craving for sweets, but I really crave sharp raw milk cheddar and butter. I am doing this Liver Cleansing diet for 8 weeks and hope I can last that long. We are blessed to have organic free range chickens that I can make stock out of.

Yesterday Today
1 pt 2+ quarts of water 1 pt 2+ quarts of water
1 pt an hour of exercise 1 pt for an hour of exercise
1 pt fruit & veggie plate 1 pt veggie plate
1 pt no sugar 1 pt no sugar
1 pt blogging

Total points to date 14

I am praying for all of you to be keeping the temple of our Lord's holy spirit in good shape.



Dani Joy said...

It´s ok. I am giving everyone one grace post. ;)

Great job. Keep on! -

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Awesome job btw! you are leading! ;)

Love ya
Dani Joy