Friday, January 6, 2012

Dani´s Day 3 Journal

Rested all day and had some Roscon this morning. But that´s all the sugar I am going to have from here out till next week. Trying to only have one free "sugar" day a week.

Wanted to share a really yummy, healthy, energy bar recipe. I had at least one whole serving of these today. You can make them without sugar.


1 pt - water
1 pt - fruits and veggies
1 pt - 1 hr exercise
1 pt - post
Day Total - 4 pts

Over all total - 13.5

Keep on tracking your points, ladies! You can do this. If you really want to lose weight, I highly suggest cutting out your excess white flour carbs and all your sweets.

Dani Joy


Anita said...
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Anita said...

Dani Joy you started my day out with a huge hearty laugh. I was 'pencil and paper-ready' to write down the recipe of your energy bars and got stumped on the third ingredient...#1 1 pt of water (quantity sounded a bit off, no? a pint of water??) # 2 was a pt of fruits/vegetables...another odd quantity. What is a pint of vegetables? but I said to myself that I 'trust DANI JOY' so kept reading. # 3 is where I began to doubt...a PINT of exercise????? and then a PINT of post???? I then looked up and noticed the link!!! I was going to ask you for the recipe so thanks for the post and thanks for the laugh!