Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dani´s Crunch 1 - Four Days Worth

I bet you were wondering, "What in the world is Dani doing? Isn´t she doing this Crunch with us?" hahaha

I have been enjoying all of your posts so much! I can´t explain how fulfilling it is to see all your progress. I have sat at my desk and on my sofa late at night, reading and writing comments. But that´s not all.

I am competing right along with you all! Really, I am! I want to be right up there with ya´ll! I want to come in right near the top with the fitness and all! I want new clothes by Christmas!

Here are my Stats for 4 days.

Kick off Day - 20 min. walk
                         25 min. 30 day Shred DVD
Thur. 10/29 -  50 min. Metablism Boost DVD
Fri. 10/30    -  10 min. warm up walk for my DVD
                        20 min. of my Trouble Zones DVD
Sat. 10/31 - 40 min. Swim/ 20 laps
                    20 min. walk to and from our Mall. 10 min there and 10  min back. Hoofin it!

Yesterday, I weighed in at 129. 6!!!! I haven´t seen below 130 in over 12 years!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! Praise the Lord!

So I am counting one point so far for weight loss! wooo hoooo!!!

I wanted to post what I ate Thursday just to give you all an idea. I like variety so I don´t like to stick to a fixed diet. I like to pick my food. But that means learning how to do that. These are just somethings I have found that really work for me.

Breakfast - 2 wasa crackers with soft cheese (like cottage cheese but smooth.)
                    Coffee (black)

Mid- Morn.-  a few raisins  with a squre of Sugar Free (SF) Chocolate. (for you all in Spain - Chocolate con lech con almendras Valor)

Lunch - Chicken Stir fry with veggies, 1/3 cup rice (more or less I don´t measure. Just grab a little.) Dessert - 1 SF yougurt with fruit

Mid afternoon snack- a handful of almonds and raisins with 1 square of SF chocolate.

Supper - This was my supper. A yummy salad with pre cut greens, some carrots, and soft cheese. I added three chicken nuggets on the side. (just because I made them for the boys and I love them.) Dessert - a tangerine

Hope this gives you a little of an idea of proportions. I am not starving. It felt like I might  the first few weeks of my journey, but I gradually worked to this. Eating sugar makes you hungery, and cutting it makes your body go through withdrawl the first couple of days, but after that, you will feel great!

 I am always sure to eat enough to sustain my exersice workouts with enough protein. It´s a must. Don´t cut the important foods.

Ok.. I guess I am going to count this as a Tip post and my Crunch In.. I got preachin.. :)

I love how I feel and I want to shout it out to you all that you can feel great too! Keep Crunching! We can do all things through Christ!!Crunchin´ it with ya´ll,

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