Monday, October 26, 2009

Hi, my name is Tricia. I'm a....

Hi, my name is Tricia. I'm a recovering chocaholic who promises not to steal any candy from my children this Halloween.

I'm almost kidding, but not really.

I have two children, 7 & 9, one husband, and a dog...a very bad dog. Although I know that I need to loose weight (mainly because I'm wearing my 'fat' clothes everyday), I'm not excited about doing it. I know it takes work and willpower, but most of all I think I'll need prayer.

I could make many excuses for why I gained weight over the past several months, but they would all be excuses. The real reason I've gained weight is because I've developed some bad eating habits. Last night I was at a birthday party at my church when I realized that I had just eaten a slice of large sub sandwich and a piece of cake without even knowing it. I felt sick on the way home because I ate when I wasn't even hungry. I just went and got food because someone said it was time to eat. It was quite a shocking realization to understand that I'd just consumed an entire meal with desert and I wasn't even hungry, nor did I particularly enjoy the food. That kind of eating stops today!

I wasn't going to be so honest here, but after reading Nina's post, I'm convicted. I'm 34 and my goal is to loose 26 pounds. To me 26 pounds seems like a hundred. Because of my body type and the way I gain weight, I can often hide the fact that I've packed on the pounds, but I weigh 171 pounds and I'm ashamed. I'm too short for that much weight and God won't grant my request to grow five more inches. I think my only saving grace is that I walk a lot. It keeps my fat from being too jiggly. :-)

So I've started my Christmas crunch today. Oh, I know it doesn't officially start until Wednesday, but I need a practice run. I've measure my breakfast and lunch and took a walk to the library the long way. I am praying that God not only helps me loose weight, but also gives me a desire to be as healthy as I can be.

The top photo is a picture of me now. I guess I'll have to wait for my after picture. Thank you Dani Joy for giving me the push that I need!
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