Thursday, October 29, 2009

Point System re-worded

WE have a new Label Topics!!!

Humor - If you post a humorous post it counts as a tip, because everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine!

Thank you Mary! What a great idea ,and a funny post for sure! click here to read her humorous post

VIDEO - If you do a post with a video on your tips post or humor about weight loss or exersice, It´s an extra free point, Ladies! Check out Ketty´s Video!

Too Cool!!!

2 points for the tip and 1 free point for the video! only one video per week though please. :)

***Testimony posts and Q and A posts don´t count for points.***

Point System for our 8 wk Christmas Crunch

Crunch In = 1 post per day /1 pt per day that will include exercise, wight lost, measures, and food choices if you would like.
( 7 points max a week in this area)

Any other post = 2 pts. in these catagories Tips, Inspirational and Humor.  

Only on 3 posts a week; maximum. 6 pts allowed per week in this catagory for points.

If you want to post more that´s fine, They just won´t count for points. I don´t want us spending all of our time on the blog. Now that we have it all figured out, it should run smoother.

Exercise = 1 point for every 20 min. of exercise you do.

Measurements = 2 pts for every inch. 1 pt every centimeter.

***Testimony posts and Q and A posts don´t count for points.***

You all are doing great! Keep it crunchin´!

Remember if you have a bad moment, it´s ok. Don´t use that as an excuse to have a bad day. Just stop and get back on that wagon and crunch it the rest of the day.

Praying for you all!
and Crunching it with you!

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