Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1st measure in - Joy

Ok, although I was expecting more numbers to come down, I am still pretty excited. The only 2 measurements that changed in a week are these -
hips - 111 cm. today - hips - 110 cm.
left leg - 64 cm. today - left leg - 62 cm. (I´ve always had one leg larger than the other :( )
Anyway, I am going to continue doing the good things (diet, exercise) and ask the Lord to give me the motivation to keep on. Even though the other numbers and the weight remain the same, I´ve lost volume (like they say here in Spain) because my clothes are showing signs of loose (skirts, bras and sweaters) and that is very encouraging. I´ve seen some of the measure in´s this a.m. and am so happy for those who have lost inches and weight. This is a truly worthwhile labor! Have a good day. Joy
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