Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First try, first week.

Ok Here we go.
  1. Weight – 151.8 lbs NEW WEIGHT- 149.6 lbs

  2. Measurements:
    Bust: 41.8 in NEW- 41 inc.
    Waist: 39.5 in. NEW-38.8 inc.
    Hips: 40.3 in. NEW-39.5 in.
Not a big change, but at least a little bit. It´s hard for me to lose inches.

Ok, I am editing my entry because I just found out I wasn´t measurin my waist right. I´ll have to start over again this week, but It´s ok.

Bust 41.4 in.
Chest 35 in.
Waist 36 in.
Hips 40.5
R thigh 22.5 in.
L thigh 22.5 in.
R arm 12 in.
L arm 11.5 in.

Weight 149.6 lbs (donw 2 libs. from last week) :-)

Keep crunching in ladies. And thanks to Tammi for helping me out on the chat with the measurementes.

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