Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tip about water

I would like to share some facts about water drinking that I think
have helped me through the years. I have a slow digestive system that
used to bother me more as a teenager years ago. Since I learned to
drink water "effectively", I live happier, also abstaining from
greasy and other "strong" foods. I read that I should drink lots of
water to help clear my system. However, they advise you not to drink
much during the meals. I am not brave enough to give you a specific
medical reason, but the consensus is that it is better to drink your
water separately from your food. I drink more than 2 litters a day.
I begin my day drinking two tall glasses of water (I always have a
pitcher next to my bed). I know people say they cannot drink first
thing in the morning, but when you get used to it, your body "asks"
for it. I cannot eat anything until I feel my system has been
"cleared" with the water I drink in the morning. After drinking the
water I read, shower, get ready, and then eat breakfast. The idea is
to feel hungry and empty when it is time to eat breakfast. I then
prepare a 2 litter bottle (or 1.5) for the morning. I take that to
work and drink often. Normally it is finished by the time I get home
from school. Then I drink at least one tall glass of water. I try to
drink always between meals, as it is more effective. Then any other
think you drink during the day is extra. I personally do not drink
with my meals except when I go out or have guests).
Reading about the subject, I have always found that drinking water is
good for as many things as your digestive system, your skin, your
kidneys, . . . so what a blessing it is to teach your body to "crave"
water. Try it, ladies!


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