Friday, November 6, 2009

Crunch in - Thursday´s McNasty

Errands kept me on the go all morning (had to buy a fridge for our church) and that was not in the plan, so stopped at McNasty´s (McDonald´s) and ate a McRoyal (no bacon) and yes, fries! I did scrape off all the mayo on the bun, and then drank water, but the fries were hard to digest. I had to eat as I drove, so salad was out of the question. Next time, even if I´m late, I´ll stop for a few min. and do the salad.

Made good choices the rest of the day, PTL, and praying for the weekend. Tonight a slumber party with pizza hut pizza with our Juniors at church and Sat. night couple´s meeting with food. So glad I got the exercise in yesterday and today (Friday) too!
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