Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dani Joy´s Crunch 5 - my workout video to you.

I did not feel up to doing my 50 minute workout dvd today. I kept thinking, " I wish some of the ladies where here with me to do it with me.

By the end, I got a brilliant idea to film myself and post it so we could be doing the workout in a way together. (inspired by Karen)

Well, now you know what I sound like and what I look like and what my living room looks like. NO JUDGING. hahaha!

I had just gotten done with almost 40 minutes of kick hiney workout, and I was breathing hard.

You all have encouraged me so much!

So much so, I took another video! (but it won´t upload. )

No, no they aren ´t for points. tee hee.. even though I don´t get a prize, I am keeping track of points. I mentioned before, that my hubby is going to get me new clothes at the end of this Crunch! Plus, I just want to! I want to Crunch it with you!

I would never do this, if it wasn´t a private blog. No sharing these with outsiders. LOL

Have a great Crunchin´new day! I will see you in the morning. God´s mercies are new every morning!

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