Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Flies!

Hello, ladies. I haven't been able to check in every day, but I haven't forgotten you! Tuesday I was supposed to go bike riding with my boys, but a series of flat tires and other minor needed repairs kept us from going. So instead I did over an hour on my gazelle glider and then I hit the weights, too. I was a little stressed and needed to work it off. It took awhile. : )
Wednesday I didn't get a chance to exercise at all. Seriously. No. Chance. But I did try to make wise choices in what I ate. I haven't gone to full-fledged dieting, but I am trying to make sure I make healthy choices and that I eat less. I'm trying to always leave a little on my plate when I'm done.
Today I also made wise choices in eating. And I biked for 12 miles with my boys. I'm very proud of that, even though I'm also incredibly sore.
To inject a little humor, my husband first bought me a bike several years ago so that I could lose weight. I had not asked for a bike and had no desire to use it, but once he got it for me I decided to give it a try. For three weeks I tried to go out biking every day. Every road away from our house led uphill. (I'm not exaggerating. We lived on a dead end street, and you had to go uphill to follow the road out.) I biked through subdivisions and got chased by every dog in the neighborhood, and I hated every minute of it. My husband, trying to be encouraging, commented that he could tell the biking was helping because my face looked thinner.

My face?!?!?!

"Great!" I snapped sarcastically. "Maybe if I start pedaling with my face, my butt will get smaller!"

The bike has spent a lot of time in the garage since then, but I enjoy using it with the boys. Plus, it's much more pleasant to bike on fairly flat ground, on a tree-lined bike path where any dogs are on leashes. Now I'm starting to like biking! : )

Just thought I'd give you a smile for today.
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