Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick Crunch in

I'm in a hurry, since I have a guest coming in 1.5 hours. I have been so encouraged to read of everyone's progress. It will be interesting if we could total inches and pounds lost by eveyone at the end of this.

This morning, I was back to my "hard" workout DVD, Full Circuit, which is 50 minutes. I had an extra 10 minutes from yesterday, so that brings my total to 60 minutes. Each time I hope that my workout will get easier, and in some ways that is starting to happen. I feel pretty good right now, besides needing a shower!

My kids are exercising every day with me now. I told them they have to do at least 30 minutes with me. They seem to be enjoying it too! Maybe I'll get a little video or picture of all of us working together and post it sometime.

Keep up the good work everyone!

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