Monday, November 16, 2009

Dani´s Crunch In 12

First off... I am a little late.. but,



Today´s crunchin´didn´t go as well as normal. It was a gloomy day here in Asturias, Spain. Rain, rain and more rain. This is actually a norm for us up here in the North, but today my mood matched the weather. (ooops)

Not a good thing when you can barely press play on the exercise video. I managed to do serveral circuits but also fast forwarded serveral. (yes, I did)

So here is the Low down.
20 min walking to and from classes
35 min off Jillian´s 45 min Metabolism boost dvd

and I am off to walk another 10 to get my three points. I will do it!

You all are out there cheering for each other. Love you all!
oh btw.. Kathy´s 25 random thins are great! anyone want to play along?

1. I like American Football.
2. I cheer just as loud if not louder than the men in my family for the Arizona, Cardinals football team.
3. I am a born clutz. I had to work hard at sports.
4. I loved teaching my boys to read!
5. My family and I love to watch cute, funny movies and say all the lines to each other.. but...
6. I get irritated if they are said too much over and over and over.
7. We have three hamsters and a dog.
8. our dog is a bad missionary. she barks at any new person and scares the living daylights out of them.
9. I love dark purple.
10. I love chocolate! ( sugar free of course)
11. I have been in a car accident in Paraguay. I flew out of the back hatch of a Fiat. I was asleep and woke up mid air.
12. Only broke my collar bone. God spared my life.
13. I love playing Dutch Blitz with my boys.
14. I don´t fold clothes. I use my clothes baskets as the clostet. (ok.. only till I finally get so I can´t find any socks then I fold)
15. this is a long list. (does that count.) May be I am ADD.
16. I don´t like to spend a lot of time cooking. The quicker and better the meal the happier I am  with it.
17. I dedicated my life to the Lord at camp when I was 12 years old.
18. I went on 3 missionary trips when I was in High School and College.
19 I thought God was calling me to Guatemala, but the letter I sent to the missionaries must have gotten lost.
20. I always had wanted 8 children until my first was born and was a crier.
21. Almost done! oh yeah.. My hobby... guess.. the computer these days. I use to knit and crochet when I was a youngster.
22. I taught myself.
23. I am a night owl now but I use to shut down at 12am.
24. I have lived in Spain for almost 10 years.
25. my favorite movie is Ever After.

pheww!! that was a lot of random things. hope you all aren´t totally bored.  Your turn!
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