Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun New Workout with a Deck of Cards

I am one to literally FREAK out about going on vacation or even leaving town for a few days and not be able to work out. I know, go figure, it’s supposed to be a vacation – right??? Anyway, this doesn’t mean that you have to pick up on my freakish ways. This post is also for the traveling career women, or anyone who likes to remain active while taking some vacation time. I’m not meaning hit the gym wherever you go. I’m meaning, MAKE IT FUN!

For this specific workout all you will need is yourself and a deck of cards! This is a fun workout that I picked you from one of my favorite shows the Biggest Loser:

Grab a deck of cards and get busy. Here’s how:

Face Cards = 10 Reps
Ace’s = 1 minutes break
Diamonds = Push Ups
Hearts = Lunges
Spades = Crunches
Clubs = Reverse Crunches

Shuffle the deck, flip over the first card and do what you see. For example say I flip over an 8 of diamonds. I would then drop and do 8 pushups. Take minimal breaks if possible between cards.

My husband and I have done this while watching some of our evening shows. We love it. Give it a whirl!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!

Sarah F.
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