Sunday, November 22, 2009

Russian lunch and a walk in the park.

Had a great Sunday but now feeling alittle more under the weather than yesterday.

Woke up coughing but thankfully that didn't last long as it hurts to cough (already). A piping hot shower cleared away some of my chest congestion. I couldn't sing during worship though as that brought on more coughing. I sang in my heart though :o)

We were packed out again, 238 plus kids! We really have a logistics problem at BGAB, but it is one of the better problems to have.

Being the last to leave (again) we decided to go and grab lunch at a restaurant along with our pastor Keith and his wife, plus another man. A Russian restaurant that only Matt had been to previously. It was goooooood although my veggies were alittle on the small side portion wise.

After that I did manage to get Mr H to accompany me on a walk in the park. Only a 2k go round but better than nothing. We had a great talk too :o)

This virus thing that I seem to have got is starting to make my joints ache oh dear oh dear :o( Early to bed for me.

I pray you have all had a wonderful Sunday.

Kathy <><
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