Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello friends,
I decided I wasn´t going to diet on Sundays, but at least I was going to try not to over eat.
I started with coffee and a wheat bread toast with 0% chesse for breakfast.
We were invited by one of my English students to eat at her house. I tried a piece of everything they have in this wonderful part of the country, but at least it was mostly protein, so I didn´t feel that guilty. And you know, I am praying and trying to win this woman and her boyfrind for the Lord, so I wasn´t going to say no to anything, even though I did pass on the wine :-)
I did have to try a piece of banana bread my daughter made for this family.
I also had 2 serving of kind of like a cold soup called "salmorejo", it was yummy. It´s something they eat here when is very hot, or all summer. It´s made out of bread, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, and you top it off with ham and eggs. It was exquisite. You can read therecipe here if you can read Spanish:

The picture on the top is some of the food we had: chorizo, ribs, lomo, morcilla (my dh and the kids can´t even stand the look of the morcilla).
And the picture of the cold soup, but you have to put boilded eggs and ham.
Salmorejo de Córdoba

Soooooooooo, I don´t think I´ll weight myself tomorrow.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuttttttt, I did get my 20 min walk in the evening, so at least, I will get that point.

I hope you all had a blessed day.
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