Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dani´s Crunch 2 with a Crunchin´Tip


I think so!

I am no longer afraid to stand on that thing! I love to wake up and see what it has to say. It´s a great feeling.

After yesterday´s swim and walk, (did I mention I swam 1 kilometer, that´s a 1/2 mile?) I weighed in this morning.

I weighed 127.8!!! That´s another 2 pounds off sinch Wednesday. I thought that the last few pounds would not want to come off. But the Crunch is helping so much!!!

Today was my "free day" so I had one brownie but it was too sweet now. Imagine that! I have always had a sweet tooth. guess that´s changed too. We had pizza too but it was too doughy for me. I just at the topping. Isn´t that so childish? But it´s because all that bread would really put those 2 lbs back on.

What I will do to ensure to not gain them back, is to drink lots of water tonight. ;)

I picked this magazine up today. The front cover said "Lose weight in groups" I thought imediately about us, "That´s what we are doing!"

It goes on to say that having the encouragement of family and people around you is a basic need.

So glad we are doing this together!

Hope you all have had a great Lord´s day!

Crunchin´it with ya´ll,

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