Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Ladies :o)

Well its Friday night ,around 10;30,
I did take the day off,I am paying for it now,haha,I know.
Thats what I get,

But my reason for this post is to say,
You all have been so much help to me through this,
I'm sorry I do not make it to comment on every post,
its hard for me to keep up ,so many post in one day, (i'm slow)

But I wanted each of you to know, Ya'll have been such a blessing to me,
the support is amazing!!!

If I didnt have ya'll it would be like everyother do it for a few days & say
"next monday"
But now when I think of that ,I think I cant stop now,
& let my friends down,
Or God, I have been praying for all of us,So if I stopped now,
Where would my faith be ,? right ?

But I love each of you,thank ya'll again,
Have a GREAT WEEKEND ......
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