Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot and sweaty!

I just finished a difficult routine, and my heart rate is still up! I did my Creative Aerobics DVD for 45 minutes, then did abdominal curls for 5 min, until my abs tightened up and would't do anymore. So I jumped on my elliptical for 10 minutes at 8 power to finish up my routine!

Whew! I'm certainly ready for some water. I love to drink water, so getting my daily 8 glasses in, isn't a problem for me. I've found some times of day when it is easier for me to drink. Right now, after a big workout, I can drink 2-3 glasses straight. I can also usually easily drink a couple of glasses in the evening.

Keep it up ladies. I don't know that I am at the point yet where I can say, I love to exercise. But, I know I can say, I love what the exercise is doing to me!

I will have some days this week when it is easy to slip up. Thursday will be my big challenge. It is my son's birthday, and we are having his adopted grandma from church for lunch. Then we are going to friends for the evening.

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