Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Day of Rest

Hi everyone, I wrote and posted my Crunch-In from Sunday, and jumped on this morning to see if anyone had written me any nice little comments. Well, I was shocked to see my entry was gone?? Maybe I just clicked to view my post, and somehow never clicked to "publish post"? I am not sure what I did, but it was gone. Then I rewrote it, and somehow uploading pics, I clicked and erased my new message. So this is my 3rd attempt, and I am thinking how crazy I must be to keep erasing my work.
The short version...I had decided to rest on Sunday, and sat down to grade my kids' school papers. Well, it was kind of cold in the house, and I wanted a mug of hot chocolate so badly. Realizing I was just making an excuse, I also remembered tip #4 from Dani Joy. Push it on the ellipticals, so I jumped on mine, and worked for 40 minutes.

Here are my results, and proof that I really did do it. :-) The 12.77 is my distance. Can anyone tell me, is this kilometers? My owner's manual doesn't give a clue, so I am not sure. The time was 40 min and 21 sec. I just clicked the photo while the colon flash was off. I am going to upload this quickly, and get off so I can do my Monday exercises, and post them later.


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