Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My exercise face and new measurements

I just finished my Full Circuit DVD, and got 50 minutes for that. I decided to push a little more, and did 10 minutes on my elliptical. Here is a picture of me after my exercise, all red and sweaty. I am pushing it hard. So glad all my friends and neighbors don't see me looking like this all the time.

I posted my weight loss yesterday, but since this is our first check in, here are my new measurements, along with my weight.

10/28 11/4

Bust 36.5 36.5
Chest 31 30.5
Waist 31 29.5
Hips 41 40.5
R thigh 23 23
L thigh 24 23.5
R arm 11.5 11
L arm 12 11.5
Weight 57.5 55.5

All measurments are in inches and the weight is in kg. Loss of 4 inches and 2 kg (4.4 lb)!

I just got a call that I am having company in a few minutes. Gotta run and get my shower done!

Praying for you all as we press toward the mark together!

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