Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 2

My 4yo has been sick with flu like symptoms and I've been out of commision the last few days...but I'm back! Today I did 30 min of cardio on the treadmill and about 45 min weight lifting. The diet was again the kicker. Around 3pm the dreaded munches struck again. I managed to graze on a half a bag of croutons Texas Toast style. And a few other pantry ready foods. Not great.

My friend told me that the "golden hour" actually "golden time", for feeding muscle is within 20 min after weight lifting. No carbs or sugars, just pure protein. His recommendation was a pack of tuna (in that foil zip pouch). Sure enough I tried it after sprinkling in a bit of Tastefully simple garlic dill and it was delicious. Not to mention 0 carbs and 16g of protein 2g fat and a total of 80 Cal! Healthier than a "protein bar" which typically packs half the protein with the extra carbs, fat, and calories.

My weigh-in is 127lbs. So no change from last week. Have to work on eating "clean".

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