Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Feelin' Crunchy!

The last few days I have been feeling very discouraged. I'm at the weight where the scale does NOT move. I have not been below this weight in 6 years! After each baby, I would lose weight to this point-- and the scale would stop. I end up getting discouraged, and usually pregnant again:) NOT pregnant now, btw.
I know that I need to keep trying... so please pray the Lord will give the strength that I need. Thanks Dani Joy for the metabolism boosters; I'm going to try all of those things in the week ahead. I usually do most of them, but going to try dropping the bedtime snack and maybe not eating a carb at dinner. I usually only have a small one, but maybe that would help?? I have lost the other weight with the bedtime snack, but maybe my body needs a change up.

No exercise for me yesterday or today, but going to try for an hour tomorrow. Sundays are so busy, and that is usually my day of rest from exercise. Today was family day, so we drove 50 minutes to Jasper( a little town in the Rocky Mountains). I have not made the best food choices yesterday or today, and only ate 2 meals. Back at it hard tomorrow.
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