Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov. 9 crunch in

Yesterday we went out to eat to a buffet. It is not the best place to
go when you are trying to watch what you eat. But the truth is that
all I ate was good for me; just more than I normally eat. We went to
a "Wok". I chose good cuts of meat and lots of vegetables with no
sauces and had it all done "a la plancha" (grilled). It was delicious!
Today I had a good day, eating right and exercising. I walked with my
mom to a store that was far so that I could get some exercise (and
she did too). When I got home I did my 20 minute workout. So today I
get 2 points!
I enjoy reading some of your posts everyday. By the way, I have lost
1 kilogram, or 2 pounds! I guess I can count it now. I did not
measure this past week because I was going through "that time of the
month". I will measure this week and see what´s happening!
Have a good day/night.
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