Monday, November 9, 2009

Susan - Monday crunch in after Vacation

Hey there fellow-crunchers!

Yep, back from vacation. It was so special as a group called "Christian Hospitality Network" paid for 3 nights / 4 days for us missionaries at a 5 star hotel. We were close to the Iguazu Falls (border of Brazil and Argentina) and it included the breakfast and dinner buffet. I guess the CHN does this 1x a year internationally - so if you hear of it in your neck of the woods go for it! (It almost sounded like it was "too good to be true" and some kind of scan, but they treated us like royalty and have such a heart for missionaries. )

I thank you all who gave good comments on how to vacation and diet at the same time. Well, I did do a lot of walking and tried to do the stairs as much as I could - helped my room was 3 floors up. Also, one day was in the pool for a couple of hours and kept my legs moving most of the time (my mouth too as I was gabbing getting to know other missionaries from So. America). Too bad moving the mouth muscles don't count for our 20 min. workouts! HA!!!!

I chose - most of the time - good food and not way too much for the meals even though they were buffet style. I checked this a.m. on my weight and the measurements. Didn't lose any on the scale, but lost 2 cm. Little by little. I am starting to feel better and can feel my muscles better as I 'find' them when I am working out.

Keep your eyes on the Lord, ladies.
May we continue to become the usable vessels that He has planned for us!
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