Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Saturday Work Day

Hello everyone,

Last night after I had posted, I did 10 minutes of toning exercises. This morning I did my Full Circuit DVD for 50 minutes, and then we started our work day outside. First of all, my husband and I installed a weathervane on top of our outbuilding roof. I was glad he was at the top of the ladder, and I only had to go up and down with supplies. I really don't like heights very well. Then we moved a bunch of metal and boards that were left over from our house project. We worked for 3 hours, but I will only count 1 hour, so Ketty won't think I am unfairly trying to get points. :-)

Our place is looking nice. This is just in time, as we are having over 20 guests here for Thanksgiving. Now to get the inside of the house clean, and all the food prep done by Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who is encouraging me. At least getting in shape has a fun side to it!

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